Short Story

The Crow and The Jug
On a hot day, a thirsty crow flew over a field looking for water. For a long time, she could not find any. She left very exhausted. She almost gave up.
Suddenly, she saw water jug below her. She flew straight down to see if there was any water inside. It was surprised because there was some water inside the jug.
The crow tried to push her head into the jug. Sadly she found that the neck of the jug was too narrow. Then she tried to push the jug down for the water to flow out but she found that the jug was too heavy.
The crow thought hard for a while. Then she was looking around. She saw some pebbles. She suddenly had a good idea. She started picking up the pebbles one by one, dropping it into the jug. As more and more pebbles filled the jug, the water level kept rising. Soon it was high enough for the crow to drink. “It’s working” she said.

ORIENTATION On a hot day, a thirsty crow flew over a field looking for water. For a long time, she could not find any. She left …

red fox

Red Fox
Common Name: Red Fox Scientific Name: Vulpes vulpes Type: Mammals Diet: Omnivores Average life span in The Wild: 2 to 4 years Size: Head and body, 18 to 33.75 in; tail, 12 to 21.75 in Weight: 6.5 to 24 lbs About the Red Fox
Red foxes live around the world in many diverse habitats including forests, grasslands, mountains, and deserts. They also adapt well to human environments such as farms, suburban areas, and even large communities. The red fox's resourcefulness has earned it a legendary reputation for intelligence and cunning. Behavior and Communication Red foxes are solitary hunters who feed on rodents, rabbits, birds, and other small game—but their diet can be as flexible as their home habitat. Foxes will eat fruit and vegetables, fish, frogs, and even worms. If living among humans, foxes will opportunistically dine on garbage and pet food.
Like a cat's,…

Student Leadership Basic Training

Hello Everyone!

In this post i will tell you about my school activitiy.
At my school, every week usually held events like Qurtsa or Qurban Tsalatsa,World tournament, Gathapraya, Tuan Dirga,and Student Leadership Basic Training
But in this post i will only tell you one of them, i will tell you about Student Leadership Basic Training.

Student leadership basic training event held on 21 of September 2017. Student will training by soldiers for three days in Pussenif. We must come in Pussenif at 06.30 am. Before the training begin we devided into sereval groups, and i am in group H

At first day we have to do opening ceremony. After that we get into hall to hear speech from school headmaster. and we are given leadership materials. After that we have lunch. Before we get food we have to singing very loudly and after we get food we stop singing and eat the food and of course we pray first. At there we to be training to eat fast and im not enjoy the food because im eat very fast. After we lunch…

my holiday plan

in this post i want to post my conversation with my friends,Fiandra and Kayla.We talk about our holiday plan
Kayla:"So,where are you guys going to do this holiday?" Fiandra:"I think i am going to go to Purwakarta or Jakarta and visit my family there. How about you Alitha?" Alitha:"hmm i will going to visit my grandmother in Pangandaran, And you Kayla?" Kayla:"I usually go to my uncle's house at the end of the year. But not to celebrate new year though.We just kind of hang out playing xbox all night." Fiandra:"oh yeah me too me and my family often roast corn on midnight,or we watch some movie" Alitha:" i usually play with my cousins in the holiday and we eat grilled sausages together "
Kayla:"wow seems interesting!"
Fiandra:"would you like to see firework,guys?"
Alitha:"Yes,of course me and my family usually see firework until midle night"
Fiandra:"And you,kayla? what about you?"

Dago Dream Park

Hello everyone!

At this time, I'm Alitha and my friend Fiandra would like to describe you a place. It is a tourist destination in North Bandung, Dago Dream Park. 
You can see video description about dago dream park on this link

For tourist matters, Bandung never ends up presenting the tourist attraction. Now, in Dago Giri the 22 km, Mekarwangi, Lembang, North Bandung, West Java there is opened a place called Dago Dream Park. According to the name "dream park" the place has an area of about one hectare, it present a lot of rides, especially for kids. 
Because of Dago Dream Park location is hilly there are some rides area. In the highest place, you can find many rides for kids and archery venue. And also available a restaurant with traditional and Europe foods. In that area too, there a park field. The park field is so spacious, so it is divided some area again. In that place, you can make use of bus facilities that will take you to the low area.  I…

Unforgetable experience


In this post i want to telling to you about my horrible experince

when i was about 5 years old, i had a horrible experience, at that time my family engage me to hospital to visit my sick aunt. On that day we went to hospital by a car

After we are arrived,we went to my aunt's mom and my father talking with my aunt and my uncle. They talked for a long time,and i began to feel bored. Because i bored i went to oitside my aunt's room Unbeknownst to my parents. I went to look around the hospital. I saw rooms with a lot of patients who is sick and i went to pond with a lot of fish. I long enough to see fish in the pond.  After satisfied i want to went to my aunt's room. But i forget where my aunt's room i was confused and i'm crying

When i was crying, the nurse approached me. Then she took me to security post. I saw my father and my mom there. My parents run and hugged me, but im still scolded by my mom. We also very grateful to the nurse who had helped me. And…

Dialogue with Friend

This time i will publish my conversation with my friend
We meet at the book store near my school, i was reading a book about Doraemon and Fiandra come then we started a conversation

Fiandra:"Hi what are you reading?"
Me       :"Hi! im reading a book about doraemon"
Fiandra:"Oh!Do you like Doraemon? i like Doraemon too"
Me       :"Yes i do,So we like the same public figure. Im Alitha,what's yours?"
Fiandra:"Yes,Im Fiandra. Do you want to buy that book?"
Me       :"Yes, i will buy many books because my house is close to here"
Fiandra:"Where is your house?"
Me       :"My house is behind this book store.Is your house close to here too?"
Fiandra:"No, my house is far to here. At Rebana street number 24 ,And yours?"
Me       :"My house is at sari indah street number 16.What grade are you?"
Fiandra:"Im grade ten in third senior high school.And you?"
Me       :"Oh mee too…