Announcement Exercise

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Elements of the Announcement Found/Not Found Details Opening Found HELLO GEORGETOWN Contents Found Information of an opening a bigger and better Ludlow Suit Shop. Closing Found Contact person

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Elements of the Announcement

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1. The Food Of Hell From Indonesia
Famous as one of the best tropical countries, Indonesia provides tons of uniqueness and excitement. Its nature, culture, and art always bring millions of tourist each year. However, this time we are going to talk about one thing, Indonesia’s cuisine, in particular Sambal. Sambal or sambel is infamous among tourist as the food of hell for its undeniable ability to make the consumer produces tears and sweat when eating. Produced using chili as its main ingredient, sambal is indeed taste extremely spicy. Sambal is made by grinding ‘cabai’ or chili, along with several complements such as onion, cherry,  tomato, ‘terasi’, sugar, and salt. The ingredients are grinded using traditional tool made usually from wood or plastic. The texture is smooth with a vibrant color of green and red, depending on which chili you use. Infamous among tourists for its spiciness, many tourists avoid it. However, some of them are challenged and try to eat it. Those who dare to try …
Ki Hajar Dewantara Ki Hajar Dewantara himself, he was born with the name Raden Mas Soewardi Soerjaningrat which we later know as Ki Hadjar Dewantara.

He was born in the city of Yogyakarta, on May 2, 1889, birthday is then celebrated every year by the Indonesian nation as National Education Day. He himself was born to a noble family, he was the son of Soerjaningrat , who was the grandson of Pakualam III. Born as a nobleman then he was entitled to an education for the nobility.

Start School and Become a Journalist

He first attended Els Elementary School for European / Dutch children as well as nobles. After the ELS he then continued his education at STOVIA, a school created for the education of indigenous doctors in the city of Batavia during the colonial period of the Dutch East Indies, now known as the faculty of medicine University of Indonesia. Despite attending STOVIA school, Ki Hadjar Dewantara did not finish because he was ill at that time.

Ki Hadjar Dewantara tends to be more int…