In this post i want to telling to you about my horrible experince

when i was about 5 years old, i had a horrible experience, at that time my family engage me to hospital to visit my sick aunt. On that day we went to hospital by a car

After we are arrived,we went to my aunt's mom and my father talking with my aunt and my uncle. They talked for a long time,and i began to feel bored. Because i bored i went to oitside my aunt's room Unbeknownst to my parents. I went to look around the hospital. I saw rooms with a lot of patients who is sick and i went to pond with a lot of fish. I long enough to see fish in the pond.  After satisfied i want to went to my aunt's room. But i forget where my aunt's room i was confused and i'm crying

When i was crying, the nurse approached me. Then she took me to security post. I saw my father and my mom there. My parents run and hugged me, but im still scolded by my mom. We also very grateful to the nurse who had helped me. And…

At the book store

This time i will publish my conversation with my friend
We meet at the book store near my school, i was reading a book about Doraemon and Fiandra come then we started a conversation

Fiandra:"Hi what are you reading?"
Me       :"Hi! im reading a book about doraemon"
Fiandra:"Oh!Do you like Doraemon? i like Doraemon too"
Me       :"Yes i do,So we like the same public figure. Im Alitha,what's yours?"
Fiandra:"Yes,Im Fiandra. Do you want to buy that book?"
Me       :"Yes, i will buy many books because my house is close to here"
Fiandra:"Where is your house?"
Me       :"My house is behind this book store.Is your house close to here too?"
Fiandra:"No, my house is far to here. At Rebana street number 24 ,And yours?"
Me       :"My house is at sari indah street number 16.What grade are you?"
Fiandra:"Im grade ten in third senior high school.And you?"
Me       :"Oh mee too…

About me


My Name is Alitha Zulfa Azzahra. You can call me Alitha,I was born into this world on 30 Oktober 2002 in bandung

I am the third child of three sisters My oldest sister's name is Aida I was different 11 years from her.she was 26 years old and now she has a career.
My sister name the other one is Annisa i was different 7 years old from her.she was 22 years old and now she has graduated flom college.
My sisters often annoying me,we often fight,but i love my sisters because they always help me doing my homework

My hobby is reading book like novels,comic,i like drawing too but i'm not good at that
When i was little i want to be doctor, started when i was 5 years i had typhus which requires me to stay in the hospital at the time i was hospitalized in the hospital i was treated by a kindly dokter for a week that's were i want to be a doctor
But now,i want to be a designer or pharmacist

I had attended in TK Aisyiyah Bandung for 1 years,graduated from TK i attended in SD muhammadiya…